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Structures, stands and racks

There are different kinds of advertising, e.g. on the Internet, on television or in newspapers. The most effective tools include advertising stands which help to promote the product or service in unobtrusive way.  We produce either small interior stands or billboard structures.

From advertising leaflet stands to billboard structures

Would you need a sufficient visibility for your poduct or service? We produce advertising stands of different sizes. We also provide their suitable placement both inside (e.g.train station or branch office) and outside (e.g. along the roads or in the shopping centers). Attract your potential clients´ attention. We can help you. We are professionals.

Attract your potentional clients´attention with effective advertising. Advertising stands provide appropriate placement.

Advertising should be original, eye-catching, but not aggressive and disruptive. Choose some appropriate motto. Be original and you will certainly attract your potentional clients´attention.

Logosign can help with effective advertising both large and small - scale

Advertising stands can be used for large billboard areas and light advertisments-signage or for leaflets and catalogues presentation. We help to design and make an optimal structure and we offer supporting structures made of metal, plastic or wood. For large areas we choose truss structures.

We deliver complex solutions from design discussions, selection of proper production technology, visualisation and project execution to structural analysis reviews. We produce metal, aluminium and stainless steel stands and racks. We can combine metal frames with wood, glass, plastics etc. We are truss production specialists. Milling cutter, water jet, laser and welding equipment are used in their production. Structures are painted, galvanized at high-temperature and installed at the site specified by you.

  • truss structures (building block system)
  • stands, racks
  • frames, trusses
  • billboards
  • supporting structures

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