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We support

  • Pomozte dětem (Help the Children charity project)
    This long-term national fund-raising activity of the Foundation for the Development of Civic Society and the Czech TV supports disadvantaged and at risk children in the Czech Republic.
  • Cesta domů (Journey Home)
    Hospice – civic association
  • The Tap Tap The Tap Tap is a band of handicapped students and graduates of Jedličkův ústav, Prague.
  • AC Sparta Praha
    Football Club
  • Domov svaté Rodiny (Home of St. Family)
    A home for mentally handicapped clients
  • Marek Vejražka
    Racer - Czech uphill racing championship 
  • Trend vozíčkářů Olomouc
    A civic association founded by people suffering from a serious health handicap in order to help its members as well as others.
  • Children home in Kašperské Hory
  • Pes v nouzi (Dogs in need)

Pomozte dětem Cesta domů Domov svaté rodinySpartaTrend vozíčkářů OlomoucDětský domov Kašperské HoryPes v nouziThe Tap Tap

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