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Car labelling

We produce and provide car labelling for passenger cars, lorries, public transport vehicles, ships and planes. We can deliver any size and colour. We use top quality foils. We build on our 20-years-experience in the industry. We own state-of-the-art foil plotters. Our production facility can be used to apply labelling and our labelling teams can work anywhere in the Czech or Slovak Republic. Our labelling capacity is up to 300 cars per month.  

We guarantee top QUALITY

  • large size labelscorporate design
  • large size labels – colour changes, special pigments, matt colours, carbon foils, extra shine foils, special foils, combinations of printed and 3D advertising 
  • OVW foils for glass – attested by the Ministry of Transportation
  • reflection foils
  • protective foils
  • magnetic foils

Advertising labels for cars, car labelling

We are ready to produce and provide car labelling either for company or passenger cars. Would you like to get an advertising label for your car? There are lots of options where to place an ad, but some of them require financial investment. We suggest using effective and inexpensive ways of advertising. Advertising labels for cars count among the preffered marketing tools.

Would you like to have an advertising label for your car?


  • Advertising labels can be delivered to places,  where other advertising banners are not permitted (e.g. conservation area)
  • Advertising labels  attract potential clients´attention (e.g. while they are driving a car, walking or going by bus)
  • Advertising labels are constantly seen during operation of the vehicle itself -  tooting, lighting etc.
  • We accept orders from all over the Czech republic.

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