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Digital print

The large prints are used at exhibitions or within product presentations. To produce large prints we use a top quality base material and highly resistant colours. We print on different kind of papers, canvas, foils, meshes or plastic materials.

Billboards and bigboards

In addition to regular prints the billboards and bigboards can be also printed on special foils and meshes. In case of freestanding billboards or installation on buildings we offer different kind of stands, frames and handles.

Large format print of self-adhesive foils

The self-adhesive PVC foils are often used for various types of packaging materials and for car labelling. We also provide special foils for car side and rear windows attested by the Ministry of Transport.

Other materials for large format print

Large format print may be also applied on mesh, perforated foil, flooring foil, facade foil, slogan board, banner and other materials. If you have any special wish, do not hesitate to contact us.

Quality facilities

To provide top quality services we use our own graphic studio as well as a variety of professional printing equipement. As we have our own workshop we are able to produce a wide range of stands, structures and handles for all types ofadvertising. We also provide illuminated advertising which automatically includes a required official authorization to install. Proffesionally trained staff with extensive experience is responsible for quality outputs.

Printing and installation of large-format advertisements for buildings, billboard, poster, interior wallpapers, PVC foils and special materials printing. We use top quality materials, our photorealistic printing method is suitable for use in interiors and exteriors. Consequently, the prints are foambacked, machined, welded, sawn and installed.

We guarantee top QUALITY.

  • self-adhesive PVC foils, short- and long-life foils 
  • slogan boards, banners, wire meshes  
  • perforated foils, flooring foils
  • billboards, bigboards, superstructures
  • sports 3D panels, tyvek foils
  • facade foils
  • business cards, leaflets, posters, invitations  

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